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Granny Flat


Are you looking at building a granny flat as an investment property to earn extra rental income or even just for the extra space? Our granny flat package can be approved in as little as 14 days and includes everything you need to start building. 

Contact us or fill out our enquiry form so we can carry out a preliminary assessment of your property and whether or not you are eligible for a fast tracked granny flat approval. Once confirmed, we require a Section 149 (part 2 & 5) certificate from your local Council which will indicate whether or not there are any limitations that prevent your fast tracked approval.


One Stop Solution - Granny Flat Approval Package

High Rental Return
1. Preliminary Assessment

  • We prepare a compliance chart against the SEPP (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 and the Building Code of Australia
  • We carry out a detailed contour survey of your property
  • We discuss your design requirements and floor plan
2. Design and Documentation

  • Design architectural plans and documentation
  • We obtain a BASIX Certificate ensuring your granny flat complies with sustainability and efficiency requirements
  • We prepare your specifications relevant to the Building Code of Australia
  • We provide your stormwater and structural engineering plans
3. Complying Development Approval

All finalised plans and documents are sent to our Private Certifier for a fast tracked approval and you will need to obtain the following:

  • Details of licensed contractor or owner builder's permit
  • Payment of long service levy
  • Payment of Private Certifier's fees
  • Neighbour notification (14 days) and notice of commencement as per the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000

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